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When puberty causes emotional and physical changes, teens can often become unhappy or self-conscious with their appearance. In this program, students will learn what it means to have a positive versus negative body image. The messages young teens receive from their peers, culture and the media about the “perfect body” will be closely examined.

The course will also outline the choices teens have in light of these messages – the choice to accept and be proud of their body, or the choice to change their body by using chemicals, disordered eating, dieting, and cosmetic surgery in order to achieve “perfection.” The positive and negative consequences of each choice will be carefully outlined. Students will end the course by learning five key ingredients to maintaining a healthy body and a positive body image.


Sexual abuse is a particularly sinister type of trauma because of the shame it instills in the victim. With childhood sexual abuse, victims are often too young to know how to express what is happening and seek out help. When not properly treated, this can result in a lifetime of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

The trauma that results from sexual abuse is a syndrome that affects not just the victim and their family, but all of our society. Because sexual abuse, molestation and rape are such shame-filled concepts, our culture tends to suppress information about them.


If you or someone you know is in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide

Please call 911 now

If you are not in the U.S., please call your local emergency number.

There is help for you. Stay on the phone with the operator and wait for help to arrive.

Do not hesitate to call. Your life is extremely valuable, and people care about you.

Please reach out for help. Never act on your thoughts of suicide. Never.

Suicide is Never the Answer