Costs and Services

Costs and Services

Mended Hearts is a locally run, nonprofit Therapeutic Riding and Counseling Center that has been helping families, adults, and children for over 15 years! We rely on donations to help our families in need and to support our therapy animals!

The goals for our therapeutic riding program are to help children and adults gain relationship skills, increase their self-esteem, and gain self-awareness while having fun learning basic horsemanship skills. We focus on the client’s approach to problem-solving life skills with an emphasis on exploring and learning new healthy life skills. We offer a holistic approach to mental health. We provide individual, couple, family, and group sessions, as well as “traditional talk” counseling services.

EFT — Equine Facilitated Therapies

Mended Hearts is located in a beautiful rural setting for your equine sessions. There are five different horses to choose from, with different sizes to accommodate all age groups. Some clients create a special bond with one horse that they wish to work with each session, andwhile other clients prefer to rotate between all the horses. Either way we are sure you will enjoy the equine therapy experience. Mended Hearts has an outdoor arena and large pasture that is used for riding when the weather is favorable. When inclement weather moves in, your session will be held in our indoor arena. This arena is heated during the winter months, eliminating a disruption in your therapy program. Mended Hearts would be happy to give you a tour of facilities. Call 309-383-4323 to schedule an appointment!

We also offer “traditional talk therapies” for people of all ages

Individual Sessions

Your session could be held in one of our private offices or outside on our grounds. Mended Hearts has 12.5 beautiful acres to enjoy if you desire a stroll while meeting with your counselor. Our play room is often used with our younger clients, allowing them to relax and open up during a session.


Mended Hearts has a large room with comfortable sofas and a fireplace that is often used during couples counseling. Privacy is maintained while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere this room provides. Our goal at Mended Hearts is to provide you with a counseling session catered to your needs.


Family sessions at Mended Hearts are successful due to our diverse setting. Children can enjoy our play room if parents wish to speak to the counselor privately during a portion of the session. The large family room can accommodate several people comfortably, and the smaller individual offices can also be used if one person wishes to speak to the counselor alone.

Play Therapy

Mended Hearts offers several different types of play therapy. We have one room dedicated to play. Toys for all ages are available for children to use in a session. For sand therapy, we have a sand tray complete with accessories for the child. And of course, our beautiful grounds are often the “office” of choice for our younger clients. Catching butterflies, looking for frogs, or digging in our sand hill are just a few of the activities to enjoy during a session.

Dog Therapy
We have several therapy Dogs: Daffy the pug, Gracie the German shepherd, Mazie the blond Lab, and Obi Wan and Mischka, our husky puppies. 

Dog Thearpy 

Costs Effective 11/1/2022

We accept all credit and debit cards, checks, and cash. *A sliding fee is available for clients who do not have insurance and are not not able to pay the full fees listed below. *Services are billable to all major insurances companies including UHC, CAT, Blue Cross Blue Shield; please check your plan. *We provide Employee Assistance Programs* (EAP) * Diagnostic Interview 60 min. – $200 * Private individual session 45 min. – $155 or 55 min. – $180 * Family session $175 * Couples Talk session $175 *Play Thearpy $200.00 Additional Costs: * Equine-assisted therapy – $55 is paid by client (and insurance is billed $20 for interactive complexity) * Animal assisted therapy – $20 is paid by client (and insurance is billed $20 for interactive complexity) * Summer program (Call for availability)