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Julie Perry (Sellner) - Mended Hearts





BSN, RN, MA, NCC, LCPC, Level 1 EFT Therapist, PATH INT. Member, Director of Mended Hearts Stable Inc.


Julie Perry is the Executive Director of Mended Hearts and has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Julie was a nurse for many years during which she worked on inpatient, adolescent, adult, and eating disorder units at OSF and Methodist hospitals. During that time, she earned her master’s degree in counseling from Bradley University and graduated with high academic honors. Her medical background has contributed to her belief in a holistic approach to counseling. This approach leads her to take body, mind, support systems, and spirituality into account when working with clients. It is important to recognize that all components of the individual are interconnected and she believes to achieve optimal health, one needs to care for each aspect. Julie will help clients try to achieve healthy coping skills for their minds and bodies as they work together throughout the sessions. Julie’s ultimate goal is for each unique individual that comes to Mended Hearts to reach a balanced state. Julie has lovingly helped countless kids, and families in the area with over a combined experience of 20+ years for the best quality of service for a greater mental health!

Julie has earned certifications and completed training in many areas such as:


* Addictive Disorders
* Addiction Issues
* Anger Management
* Autism/Related Disorders
* Bipolar Disorder
* Body Image/Self-Esteem Issues
* Bullying/School Related Problems
* Child/Adolescent Mental Health (broad spectrum of disorders)
* CPR/First Aid
*Critical Incident
* Depression/Anxiety Management
* Developmental Disorders/Disabilities
* Divorce Issues
* Eating Disorders
* Equine (horse) Facilitated Mental Health Therapies
* Family Counseling
* Gender Identity Issues
* Individual Counseling
* Mood Regulation
* Marriage Counseling
* Personality Disorders
* Relationship Issues (family/couples)
* Sand Tray/Play Therapies
* Sexual Issues
* Sexual Trauma Issues
* Spirituality based counseling upon request
* Suicide Prevention
* Team building for Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
* Violence/Abuse Issues
* Trauma Counseling Certification


Julie is also trained in psychiatric medication management and in conjunction with your physician, can help you manage your medications.