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Admiring America's Cultural Collective - Mended Hearts

     America had claimed independence from England in the 1700’s, but keeping cultural customs passed down from the first colonists for many generations. As the growth of our nation increased, it brought about eras of war, discrimination, slavery, gender inequality, and invasions of human rights. Alas, after wars had been battled throughout the land to the near turn of the 20th century America finally settled into the “Melting Pot” initiative. Which is still to this day one of America’s most pivotal social and cultural movements to date. Offering refuge to those all over the world in search of a better life; free of certain disadvantages, prejudices, and inequality.

    Though America has not always been perfect, no pivotal change in life comes without opposition in some form. Within our nations lies a variety of cultures. Within some of these cultures lies what is referred to sometimes as a “subculture”. In these subcultures there are many people who navigate gaps, barriers, and bridges by means of language acquisition. With these many cultures that grow within our own nation, we must always show empathy in situations of linguistic difference as we would want reciprocated to us. This earth is a place to grow. Not just for a title, power, or money, but culturally as well.

    Opening the mind to different cultures is a positive outlet to experience life on earth from a different view. Having this knowledge can improve your self – esteem, critical thinking, patience with oneself and others, change how you pay attention to someone while communicating, encourages positive learning habits and having that feeling of accomplishment within oneself by allowing yourself to become culturally stewed into our melting pot. A founding principal of our nation! How do we become prepped to be immersed in a different culture? Through language! Language is pivotal! Allowing us communication and the opportunity to acquire experience which symbolize the tools needed to bridge the multi-cultural gaps in America. Language provides a common ground between cultures. Having a linguistic commonality, you can look pass the differences between cultures to a discovery of similarities. A showing of mutual human needs, a desire for patience, the need for a message to reach its destination, and ideologies to be shared for a better world for all. Striving for goals such as these can only help spread much needed empathy in our country while shedding light on issues that should not be prevalent in America today!