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Adults & Couples - Mended Hearts

Adults Couples

Adults & Couples

“Please keep Mended Hearts in mind, we are a locally ran, non-profit Therapeutic Riding and Counseling Center who has been helping families, adults, and children for over 15 years! We rely on donations to help our families in need and to support our therapy animals!”

Mended Hearts provides individual adult counseling and couple’s therapy for all types of problems across the lifespan.

Individual Sessions

Your session could be held in one of our private offices or outside on our grounds. Mended Hearts has 12.5 beautiful acres to enjoy if you desire a stroll while meeting with your counselor. Our play room is often used with our younger clients, allowing them to relax and open up during a session.


Mended Hearts has a large room with comfortable sofas and a fireplace that is often used during couples counseling. Your privacy is maintained while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere this room provides, as well as more intimate offices are available too. Our goal at Mended Hearts is to provide you with a counseling session catered to your needs.


Family sessions at Mended Hearts are successful due to our diverse setting. Children can enjoy our play room if parents wish to speak to the counselor privately during a portion of the session. The large family room can accommodate several people comfortably. The smaller individual offices can also be used if one person wishes to speak to the counselor alone.

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