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Be CALM - Mended Hearts


  • Choose to physically remove yourself from the situation
    • Take a walk, go to another room, step away
    • If you cannot get away then turn away, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths
  • Accept that there is a bigger picture, look for it
    • There are rewards to staying calm, think of those things
    • There are costs to not saying calm, think of those things
  • Learn to choose to stay calm
    • Yes, it is a choice and yes you will have to repeat that choice
    • Focus on the says, pictures, things that inspire you to be your better self
    • This takes time, do not quit – you are worth it
  • Mold yourself into the stable, reliable person, family member, coworker that others need
    • Emotions have power, do not use that power to control the situation or others
    • You do not win anything of value when you bully others to get it
    • Become the person that you would be grateful to rely on