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Building Motivation Habitually - Mended Hearts
Building motivation for success habitually!

Do you often find it difficult to find that urge, or need to put forth effort into something you connect to? What really gets you up every morning? What is it that helps you feel ready to tackle on a new day, even when you don’t know what could happen next? Is that kind of motivation feel faint within you? Motivation just doesn’t happen spontaneously. We CAN work up to being motivated by establishing new habits and setting real solid goals for ourselves. Don’t wait to feel motivated! Build yourself up to it!

Dr. Ahona Guha mentions in her article that “people wait for motivation to find them when learning a new skill, or taking up a healthy behavior.” When we really need to “focus on building consistent habits.” Knowing that those habits can help you achieve a goal in your life.

When taking on a new habit it’s important to thoroughly think through and decide if this new habit is something of value. Is this something we can do now? Do we have the current resources at our disposal or is this something we need to plan for?

A few simple rules Dr. Guha left for us about setting up new habits in our lives….

Decide if you can commit to forming this new habit. Knowing what time it may take away from other parts of your life, considering the benefits vs. the costs from this new habit, and when deciding it is okay to not.

Keeping this habit simple, small (at first), and routine. New habits are easier maintained when you start them off on a small scale and allow them to build momentum over time. As you increase time spent on the new habit, it only helps you come closer to your goal set within the habit.

Linking new habits to our current habits can help incorporate our new habits more routinely into our daily lives. Chain habits are good to have! For example, walking your dog, and before you go inside you remember to take your trash to the street. These kinds of habits help us accomplish more if we keep them small and do not overwhelm ourselves.

When taking on something new it’s crucial we find a consistent method to evaluate and monitor progress with our new habits. It’s perfectly fine to realize that a new habit isn’t serving you as you had hoped it would. If that does happen to you, take some time and find something else to incorporate that’s gonna help you achieve!