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“Please keep Mended Hearts in mind, we are a locally ran, non-profit Therapeutic Riding and Counseling Center who has been helping families, adults, and children for over 15 years! We rely on donations to help our families in need and to support our therapy animals!”

Why choose Mended Hearts?

Children at Mended Hearts enjoy their therapy sessions and often do not want to leave! Though the idea of visiting with a counselor may not initially sound appealing to a child, kids of all ages fall in love with the staff, animals, play room, and unique setting. The experienced counselors at Mended Hearts provide guidance for children in a way that allows them to work through issues and grow in a safe, non-threatening environment.

What type of help can Mended Hearts provide?

At Mended Hearts we treat children and adolescents across the lifespan that struggle with emotional, social, and behavioral issues. Below are some examples of the issues that our skilled staff are certified to treat:
Addiction ADHD / ADD Adoption Anger Management Anxiety Autism Behavioral Problems Bipolar Body Image Bullying Conflict Resolution Depression Developmental Disorders Divorce Eating Disorders Emotional Issues Family Issues Gender Identity Issues Loss and Grief Learning Disabilities Lying/Stealing Mood Disorders Peer Pressure PTSD Relationship Issues Run Away Self-Esteem Sexual Issues Sexual Trauma Issues Social Issues Suicide Trauma Team building for Employee Assistance Program Violence/Abuse Issues

Helpful Resources:

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Strength of Us – A user-driven social networking community where young adults can connect with their peers, provide mutual support and share personal stories, creativity and helpful resources by writing and responding to blog entries, engaging in discussion groups, posting to “The Wire” and sharing videos, photos and other news.

Cope Care Deal – This mental health site for teens gives information on how one can learn to cope, take care of oneself, and understand facts about mental health issues.

TeenHealthFX – is your online resource for any and all questions regarding your health, your relationships, your body and your sexuality.

The Bluffs – is an online resource that is very useful about of how to help prevent your teen from using drugs and alcohol.