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CI Heroes: Julie Sellner of Mended Hearts - Mended Hearts



It’s never something she thought she’d do; but a Metamora woman is combining two of her biggest loves in life, all to make life better for others…and it’s making her our CI Hero.


In rural Metamora, healing is happening, in a unique way…


“I feel  like I can really connect with the horses and I can just…anything I want to put out there, I can just put out there,” adds Fitton.


Paige Fitton was having a hard time in school…


“I  started getting bullied at school and got real bad anxiety and depression.”


That’s when she met Julie Sellner.


“I’ve always grown up with horses, I know the effect they can have on people, the positive effects in their lives,” Sellner says.


Julie started her career as a registered nurse, but she felt called to change course.

After getting her license as a professional counselor, she says she found her niche, even more.


“I’ve always grown up with horses; I know the effect they can have on people, the positive effects in their lives,” Sellner adds. “I combined two loves, I combined my love for working with people and my love of horses into doing this.”


The founder of Mended Hearts Therapeutic Center, she helps all kinds of people with traditional counseling, but says certain clients, especially kids, are finding their balance on the back of a horse.


“Horses are a herd animal, so, they are more in tune with what’s going on in ourselves than a lot of times we are,” Sellner adds.


Whether it’s helping them get through a tough moment….

Like helping Ben Lavallee relax, “I feel relaxed while riding a horse and I get to bond with an animal,” he says. “It calms me down, let’s me listen to nature and be in nature.”


Or get through the day…


“It feels great, knowing that I can actually go to school without having an anxiety attack in the middle of class, or I learn how to control it now,” adds Fitton.


This CI Hero believes everyone can learn something, if they just listen to what’s around them.


“I just love everyone that comes out here. I feel they are sent here for a reason, and we just meet them where they’re at,” says Sellner. “My goal is to help them feel better by the time they leave here.”