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What is Equine Specialized Psychotherapy? - Mended Hearts

Equine Specialized Psychotherapy are terms we use to describe our horse assisted approach to counseling. This “hands on” therapy allows a credentialed mental health professional to facilitate the therapeutic process with the help of a horse.

This “hands on” experiential approach to treatment allows one to receive both the benefits from the mental health professional and the proven therapeutic benefits associated in working with horses.

Benefits from this type of therapy include enhanced self-awareness and re-patterning of maladaptive behaviors, feelings and attitudes.

1. Equine Specialized Psychotherapy is a growing therapeutic method to help promote emotional growth and learning.
2. It is sometimes referred to as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy or Equine Specialized Psychotherapy.
3. It is a collaborate effort between a therapist, client and horse (a horse professional may be used if the therapist does not have the experience with managing the horse).
4. It is a “hands on approach” and classified as experiential therapy.
5. It is well-documented and proven effective and is not experimental.
6. It is an alternative to “traditional talk” therapies.
7. It is based on the here and now.
8. It is effective with clients who are resistive to traditional therapies like some adolescents.