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Gwen Badgerow - Mended Hearts

Gwen Badgerow

Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Certified Professional Mediator



Gwen, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Certified Professional Mediator, has a long history of problem solving and consensus building, having spent the better part of 29 years in the educational system. She has been twice nominated for the Tad Smith Practitioner of the Year through the Illinois School Psychologists Association for her work working with at-risk children and children identified with disabilities under the individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

Gwen started professional development specifically in conflict resolution at the Justice Center of Atlanta (JCA), in 2015. Gwen completed the JCA Basic Civil Mediation and Special Education Mediation professional trainings https://www.justicecenter.org/

In 2022, Gwen completed the Conflict Resolution Certificate at Dominican University https://mydu.dom.edu (Gwen is listed on the APPROVED SUPREME COURT RULE 900 MEDIATORS FOR TENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUT (Updated as of September 8, 2022) Approved Mediators List.

Gwen is now offering Professional Services in Conflict Resolution and Mediation for the following areas:

Parenting Plans, Separation and Divorce Agreements

Post Separation Conflicts – related to resolving conflicts that occur within existing parenting agreements related to differing perspectives regarding special needs of children and teens.

Family Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practices – to heal or strengthen relationships between caregivers, spouses, siblings, and guardians or professionals.

Elder Person Independence and honoring the elder voice within conflicts as needs change with advancing age or decline in health.

Peackeeping Circles- to strengthen and heal relationships between parties with past or current conflicts or have an interest in building stronger relationships within any community setting (e.g. church, schools, workplace, and home).

Fee structure and parenting agreement contracts to be provided during a free 30 minute consultation offered both in person or via Zoom.

Reach Gwen directly at gwen.badgerow@achievealternatives.com or 309-322-7261