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Honoring our Human Service Professionals - Mended Hearts

The general idea of the human service field is integrated in our lives from start to finish. They guide us throughout our childhood. Teaching, inspiring, guiding, protecting, and believing in us all. They emanate charisma and hope. Leading us to challenge followed by sometimes failure, or a savory success. They fight for safety, health, equality, inclusivity, and hope. From medical staff, educators, police, firefighters and military forces to our dispatchers, interpreters, counselors, mentors, pastors, DHS staff, and care workers. Theses individuals serve as the foundation of our well being. Giving us knowledge, security, faith, and inspiration to set goals for ourselves. So how do we pay tribute to these heroes? A simple thank you? Maybe paying homage to them and their work on some scale? Find a way to show that you believe in them as well as what they do as they have always, and will do for us.