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How to Fight Depression on Halloween - Mended Hearts

Depression on Halloween?  You might be wondering, “Who’s depressed on Halloween?”  That’s a good question. The answer: Many people are depressed on Halloween.

The truth is that during the holidays (pick your holiday), many people struggle with depression.  The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 6.7% of the U.S. adult population will experience some form of depression each year.

Depression can be caused by life experiences, such as postpartum, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the death of a loved one.  Countless factors of varying degrees can contribute to the onset of depression, as well.

One key factor that plagues those who suffer from depression is loneliness.  If you anticipate being alone this Halloween, here are 7 great ways to fight those familiar feelings of depression: decorate for the holiday, decorating your living space can be a lot of fun.  Getting up and doing something physical will also release endorphins, which are the hormones that help fight stress and pain. They also make us feel better and more energetic, dress up or get in costume, pretend to be someone (or something) else for a day. Come on, it’s Halloween. Be a kid again. Lose yourself in this fun tradition, welcome Trick-or-Treaters let the excitement and wonderment of trick-or-treaters rub off on you, invite a guest share the experience with a friend or co-worker.  Eat dinner. Watch a scary movie.  Make a memory that you’ll reflect on for years to come, dress your pet. If you are a pet owner who gets a kick out of a dachshund in a hot dog costume, then get Fido dressed and take him for a walk.  Pets are great at soothing our emotions and altering our feelings. They also create healthy opportunities for us to interact with others, go where the people are. If you haven’t made party plans with anyone, chances are you’ll spend the night alone.  Make plans to be where people are.  Malls, parks and other public places often attract interesting and entertaining Halloween activity, and play it safe. This isn’t the night for making spontaneous or irrational decisions. Try new things, but never put yourself in compromising or potentially dangerous situations.  Have fun, not regrets.

Believe that you can have a great time this Halloween, even if you plan to spend it alone.  Make a plan and commit to it – no dropping out at the last minute.  And don’t be disappointed if things don’t go as planned.  You’re not a failure if things don’t turn out the way you hoped they would . . . and have a Happy Halloween!