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How You Can Help Improve Self-Esteem In Teenagers - Mended Hearts

Teens want nothing more in the world than to fit in. This leads them to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve a higher social status, which is often at the expense of others. The majority of teenagers fit into either the rejected or neglected peer hierarchy. This can lead to lowered self-esteem and it can make life miserable. Meanwhile, the popular hierarchy mistreats teens who are lower in social status; many do so for social recognition.

This can be a brutal cycle that’s often present in the educational system. Some teens are even less fortunate because their home life is unstable. For instance, a teen may be living with an alcoholic parent or an abusive parent, which can be a stressful environment for any teenager. This can create a sense of despair because the child feels like there is no escape. Some even take drastic measures and partake in destructive activities such as self mutilation. Life as a teenager can test even the strongest of wills, but there are ways around this unforgiving cycle.

An important rule of thumb when dealing with a depressed teen is to avoid rushing into their personal life. This may lead them to withdraw even more. A teen’s life is very secluded. Work is required in order to get them to speak without inhibition.

The parent should talk with their teen about any problems that they may be facing. At first, they will be hesitant to open up. This is natural because most teens feel like they can handle the problem on their own. The parents should take a more proactive method in dealing with the teenager if the problem continues to exist.

Stay persistent because it will take a lot of time for them to open up. They will soon begin to realize that the parent truly cares. Once this has been accomplished, the parent should plan a day where they can do something together. This will increase the rapport between the parent and child. This will also decrease their depression. Here are some other ways to increase the teen’s self-esteem.


Physical Activities as a Method for Building Self-esteem

Besides being very important to stay healthy and one of the wonderful things to do when they are bored, stressed-out or feeling depressed, physical activities are among the most direct methods for improving a teenager’s self-esteem. Activities such as camping, four wheeling, and even running are great ways to uplift the teen’s morale.

They will feel exhausted by the end of the day, and their spirits will be uplifted because they spent the entire day developing a skill or spending time with a loved one. The root of most teenagers’ low self-esteem stems from a lack of positive social interactions. An action-filled day with a loved one or friend will make them feel wanted and cared for.

Creative Activities Will Promote Self-expression in Teens

Teenagers need an outlet for their artistic side as well. This will give them the ability to express themselves in a positive way. Activities like writing, drawing, painting, and even photography can be very therapeutic. This can give the depressed teen a sense of self-worth.

Organized Sports as a Way to Build Stability

Another way of improving a teen’s self-esteem is to get them involved in an organized sport. This is effective because it allows the teen to socialize and work toward a common goal. Organized sports allow the teen to understand character, trust, leadership, work ethic, and integrity. This will give them confidence because they are actively working to achieve a goal, which will make them feel like they are important. We are social creatures and need interaction with others. Organized sports allow for this social interaction.

Therapy as a Treatment for a Teen’s Low Self-esteem

It may be wise to consider therapy if the previous steps do not work. This is often a good option when parents cannot reach the teenager on their own or in cases where clinical depression is suspected. Professional help can be really beneficial not only for the teenager, but the parents as well. Therapy may shed some light on the causes of the teen’s low self-esteem.