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Lessons you're really paying for when your daughter rides Horses - Mended Hearts
  1. She’s learning to control her fears.
  2. She’s learning patience.
  3. She’s learning the art of silent communication.
  4. She’s learning to trust herself and her intuition.
  5. She’s learning she will always have a shoulder to cry on, she will know love.  She won’t need a boyfriend to make her feel wanted.
  6. She’s learning discipline and responsibility.
  7. She’s learning the art of how to be a gentle but consistent leader.
  8. She’s learning to love nature and the outdoors, & how to ground herself in a chaotic world.
  9. She’s learning how to polish up and be presentable, and also how to get dirt under her nails.
  10. She’s learning to fall and fail, and to keep trying.