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Look for the Good - Mended Hearts

A few years ago I left the gym after a morning workout and my car would not start.  I was in a hurry and I had lots of work to do at the office.  Yet, all I could do at that moment was to walk to work.  It was about a mile and it was the fastest way to get to work at that moment.  I was really unhappy about it and did NOT want to walk that far after being tired from the gym.  On my way, I took a picture of the sunrise on my cell phone.  It was a sky full of red colors with one of the bridges in Peoria and the Illinois river in the picture.  The colors of the sky were reflecting off of the water.  That picture is hanging in my living room and I love it.

It was a great moment in a miserable morning.  Looking back now a few years later I do not remember what I worked on that morning.  I do remember the beauty that surprised me on my walk to work, and I got a picture of it!  Look for the good in life, in others, and in yourself.  It is there and you can find it.  Once you find it, remember it because that is what is worth remembering.