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What is play therapy?

Play therapy is an established and recognized method of helping children to express themselves through the use of play and toys. Children are encouraged to play in an environment that is safe and understanding. They are given access to a wide variety of toys to encourage the expression of emotional concerns.

Why play therapy for children?

Children cannot communicate with words as adults do. The method children use to release their emotions and sort out their experiences is through play. With a skill and patience by a qualified practitioner play therapy is a powerful healing tool. Through play children can recreate the experiences that are a part of their anger, fears, sadness, or frustrations. They can create therapeutic play at their own developmental level and recreate emotionally stressful events with the care and support of their therapist and in a safe environment.

How can play therapy help my child?

Through play therapy children can change the way they see and react to events that happen in their world. When children recreate their frustrations or disappointments and then are able to change the way they experience these events through play, they begin to enjoy more of their play and this translates to them enjoying, and feeling more comfortable with life events.

Benefits of play therapy?

* Restore a balance to a child’s mental health
* Build self-esteem
* Improve family life
* Improve relationships with other children
* Improve educational goals
* Reduce crime and vandalism
* Reduce drug and alcohol abuse