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School-Life Balance: Well-being Comes First - Mended Hearts

What can you name as the most important skill of our century? Right, the sense of balance.  With the modern pace of life, we constantly try to stretch 24 hours out to 48, as it’s obviously not enough to complete all the tasks, meet the deadlines, spend some quality time with your loved ones, watch Netflix or dedicate an hour to yourself. These are the typical thoughts of a person, unaware of the crucial importance of integrating balance into his or her life. School is the first place we start thinking about how to find the golden mean between a variety of our social roles. And if we fail to do so, all the aspects of our lives turn into a stress-causing mess which leads to 66% of people with a chronically broken work-life balance system.

What Are The Imbalance Effects?

The absence of proper school-life balance is sure to influence every inch of the strategically significant areas, such as your academic performance, interpersonal relationships, mental and physical wellness, and the fulfilment of your future aspirations. So how exactly is balance tied to all of these?

Impact On Academic Life

To show great results and be satisfied with your studies it is vital not to place school above the other life domains. If you feel anxious, tired, low on energy, unable to set aside some time to dedicate to the things you love, putting them on the altar of academic excellence, it won’t come as planned. Since balance is about finding the right proportion, you can’t simply sacrifice everything for the sake of a single aspect.

Impact On Friendship And Relationships

It’s always pleasant to be around cheerful, calm, and optimistic people, who are in peace with their lives. If you lack balance, the above-said words can’t be attributable to your personal vibes. When you are constantly in a hurry, stress, and panic about studies, you don’t really notice other people’s problems as you are too occupied with yours. No relationship, romantic or friendly, will last long if you can’t balance your priorities and take your mind off your academic chaos.

Impact On Future

Our habits tend to have strong roots. If you’ve got used to an imbalanced pace of life, trying to tear yourself between studies, work, and relationships, you may not even know that there’s an alternative way. Entering the workforce you continue to lack balance, have no strategy, diminished nervous system, and absent motivation, as you’ve used it up during your first years of studies. What kind of future can you picture with such a background?

COVID-19 VS School-Life Balance

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the school-life balance, turning it into a disaster for those who used to ignore the importance of a balanced lifestyle. It turned home into a workplace, erasing the borders between rest and study. The neverending flow of deadlines and a messed social aspect of life has made distant learning truly unbearable. Let alone the family members who think that if you are home, you have nothing to do and ready to dive into household chores.

With the new normal, the sense of being in control of your own life has almost disappeared. And the only way to survive with minimum loss is to finally adopt the basics of keeping things balanced. Now all your available environment is focused on a single place, so you are to make your own rules of how this place should function. Try to divide the home into sections and don’t mess them up: if your room is for studies, rest in some other place to send your brain a signal that the study phase is over for now.

Despite all the hardships of studying from home, there is something unique in it. First, you’re the master of your own schedule. If you manage to cope with the tasks in advance, you’re free to manage the rest of the studying time according to your wish. Second, you have the ability to spend much more quality time with your loved ones and strengthen family bonds. Third, you can develop new skills, take up online courses, or read the book you’ve been putting off for years.

Establishing a school-life balance helps you to stay optimistic and not lose yourself during times of pandemic. Consider it as a perfect time to learn how to create a perfect balance and benefit from it all your life.

Creating A Perfect Study-Life Balance

Rearranging your life to find true balance and peace of mind is easier said than done. It requires a giant and time-consuming self-improvement process, accompanied by the adjustment of beliefs, habits, and outlooks. But what to change and where to start from? Here are the guiding tips to your balanced present and future.

Manage Your Time

This tip always takes the first place as it is the key to feel in control of your life. The number of social activities may be overwhelming, and the need to cope with them all at once causes panic, dissatisfaction, and constant stress. Keeping the thought about the amount of work you’re supposed to do is a way to a nervous breakdown, so do not neglect planners. Make up a precise written schedule to unload your mind – immediate relief is guaranteed. Having a list of tasks is great, but it doesn’t make their number scarcer. Thus, start prioritizing. Single out the most significant tasks/events/areas you are willing to dedicate the majority of your time to. Spreading yourself too thin may work for a few months but the long-term burnout will be unavoidable.

Calm Your Inner Perfectionist

There’s a fine line between being a perfectionist and a highly productive achiever. The difference lies in the mindful approach, strategy, self-love, and adequate self-esteem achievers apply. Perfectionism tends to create unimaginable goals, which make you sacrifice balance and work day and night for something you may not even want. It pushes you to the extremes, becomes an obsession, increases resistance, and kills self-esteem in case of failure. Being a perfectionist is not rational, as perfection is unreachable and highly subjective. So don’t be harsh on yourself, cherish mistakes as an impetus to growth, and try to enjoy the ride, not the result.

Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle

Mental and physical wellbeing are the two closely interconnected aspects of human health. One is unimaginable without the other. If you ignore the basic principles of leading a healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet, regular physical activity, quality sleep, and relaxation, stable academic results won’t accompany you for long. The above-mentioned factors have immense power over the level of your attentiveness, memory sharpness, focusing ability, thought agility, and creativity. They act as a solid ground for our personal success and guarantee long-lasting results.

Praise Yourself

When you’re a kid, you might wait for your parents to praise you for your achievements. But later on, it’s important to maintain the tradition by yourself. It may be anything from setting aside some time to watch a series to going shopping. It must bring you childish joy and relief, mixed with motivation, and increased self-proudness. But here is a thing: it’s not necessary that you do anything to feel the right to praise yourself. Do it as much as possible, without the feeling of guilt if something goes wrong and you don’t catch up with a goal. Cherish your effort regardless of the outcome, because if you don’t, who will?

Where To Search For More Advice?

It’s challenging to reach school-life balance on your own and here’s where apps come in handy. They can manage your time, create a proportional daily life schedule based on your parameters, signal you to drink water and exercise, guide your meditation lessons to help you unwind, or block social media for a couple of hours. If the amount of apps seems overwhelming, try these – no regrets guaranteed.


A great time-planning app, which allows you to keep all the tasks in one place, arranged in order of importance and crossed out when completed.

Stop. Breathe. Think

The point of the app is clear from its name. It is a highly efficient mindfulness app to switch to when you feel an anxiety wave coming.

Fitness Buddy

A pocket-fit personal coach, who offers individual exercise and meal program according to your needs and health parameters.


WaterMinder is a simple and efficient app that sends a notification when it’s time to drink some water to keep hydrated and energetic.


If social media interrupt your studies and you can’t resist, AntiSocial will block certain apps for a definite period of time to avoid procrastination.

The Bottom Line

A balanced life is something that seems unreachable until you start taking the first steps towards it. And since then, you won’t be able to break it, as the impact of integrating the balance habits is beyond the word “beneficial”. When balanced, each aspect of your life has the potential to uncover to the fullest, bringing nothing but joy and motivation. So why wait if you can start right away?