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Thank You to our Volunteers in 2019 - Mended Hearts

We are grateful for the many hours and hard work that our friends and community have given to help us keep costs down and keep our facility in great shape!  For all those we name here, there are others whose names have gotten away from us – yet we are grateful to everyone who has volunteered here in this past year:

  • Metamora Township High School group on volunteer day
  • Crystal Joy Anderson
  • Taylor Hughes
  • Nicole Barhym
  • Natalie Claycomb
  • Pat Nieukirk
  • Bobby Williams
  • Becca Calhoun
  • Stacy Lantz
  • Amanda Calhoun
  • Kevin Ioerger
  • Angela Chapman
  • Roger Norris III
  • Robert Pike
  • Brian Bowen